Things of interest about the history of Woodland Springs. . .

“The land for Woodland Springs was purchased by Keystone Square Developers in the fall of 1966, from a syndicate, which in turn had purchased it from the estate of Nicholas Noyes of Eli Lilly. Keystone built the 65 acre lake, flooding land which previously consisted of weeds, brush and grazing land for cattle. There is a total of 433 lots planned to be developed in six sections. Sections One, Two and Three are on the west side of the lake with Four, Five and Six on the lake’s east side. 162 lots have been sold and approximately 100 families have moved in. The plats have been recorded through the 4th section. A few houses have been built in the 4th section, and trees have been cleared and a road started in the 6th section. Keystone Development had planned 19 more lots on the east side of the lake, but instead, sold the land to the Carmel School Board when it expressed interest in building a school there.” (May, 1969 Woodland Springs Newsletter)

Woodland Springs first newsletter was published in May, 1969

The original Woodland Springs Pool opened on June 1, 1969.

Tennis courts opened in July/August, 1969.

Keystone Square Company 1st tenant for the Keystone Square Shopping Center was Kentucky Fried Chicken. (December, 1969 Newsletter)

1966 - Development of Woodland Springs Addition by Ralph Wilfong of Greenfield beginning Carmel's population boom.  (From Carmel Facts & Folklore)

Woodland Springs was the 1st residential community in Indiana to have buried utility lines.