The intention of this review/approval IS NOT to discourage or prevent residents from making improvements.  On the contrary, we love improvements.  As an HOA, our interest is to protect and increase property values.  Part of our responsibility is to ensure the guidelines outlined within our Covenants of 2011 (voted and approved by our residents) are followed.

  • What are the Woodland Springs Architecture Standards?

  • What constitutes a change; when do I need an approval?



You can review the documents  beginning on page 6 of our Covenants document, Article 5 - Architectural Review Committee.

Most changes to the exterior your home (to include landscaping) require approval from the Architecture Review Committee.  However, like-for-like replacements or repairs do not require approval.  If in doubt, please contact Kirkpatrick Management or the Architectural Review Committee Chairperson.

Joseph Winship                                                                  Elizabeth Sampson, Chairperson

Kirkpatrick Management                                               Architectural Review Committee

5702 Kirkpatrick Way                                                 

Indianapolis, IN 46220                                                         317-514-9076



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The Process

From beginning to end, an ARC request should take less than 30 days.  

  • Step 1: Ask questions if you're unsure if a request is necessary, how to complete the form, or what to include from images/drawing perspective

  • Step 2: Complete and submit the online form (below)

  • Step 3: Email relevant photos, images, drawings, plot plan (etc) to: Elizabeth Sampson, and Stacey DePriest

  • Step 4: Follow-up with Stacey DePriest at Kirkpatrick Management if you have not been contacted within 3 business days at 317-588-8729 or

  • Step 5: If the request is not complicated and follows the Covenant guidelines the ARC Committee will generally approve the request. If it's unclear, requires interpretation, or revision, your request may be presented to the Board of Directors for their review before approval/denial is given.

  • Step 6: You will receive formal approval via email and/or written letter from Kirkpatrick Management or the ARC Chairperson: Elizabeth Sampson

  • Step 7: Contact Kirkpatrick Management and the ARC Chairperson when the project is complete so the homeowner's file can be closed and changes to the property be duly noted.

Architectural Change Request Form

Images associated with your request must be emailed in addition to this form.  Helpful images include: photos representing the finished project, landscape drawings, your plot plan, architectural drawings, etc.  Please email them to: Elizabeth Sampson: and to Stacey DePriest

Every effort will be made to confirm receipt of your request within 3 business days.  According to the Covenants, the Architectural Review Committee has 30 days to approve, deny, or suggest revisions to each request. Generally, requests are approved/denied within 7 - 10 business days.  Please have ARC approval prior to signing contracts or beginning exterior work on your home or property.