Pool Construction Update - September 21, 2018

Progress continues to be made on the new pool construction project.

The new steel I-Beam has been installed in the Mechanical Room,

which was necessary to reinforce the ceiling structure of

this building.

The Mechanical Room walls and ceiling have been painted.

The balance of the pool piping and mechanical equipment such

as filters, pumps and heater are being installed.

There will be a new five-foot concrete apron approach poured

in front of the mechanical room.

The old failing retaining walls on either side of the mechanical room have

been replaced with new poured concrete walls. The remaining upper portion of

the exterior of the mechanical room has been sealed to prevent water leakage.

There is also new drainage tile around the building.

The wading pool has been poured with new concrete and now must go through

a “curing” process before it can be painted.

The main pool will be painted in the very near future, weather permitting, as the

concrete must be at its recommended moisture level and once painted must cure

for minimum of at least 7 days.

The excavating company is installing the sewer pipe which will take the chemical

backwash from the Mechanical Room to the Sanitary Sewer located on East Lakeshore Drive.

The drainage pipe located near the boat storage area is solely for surface water

from for the deck drains, clubhouse downspouts and perimeter drainage. The

drainage pipe was approved by the City of Carmel to flow into the lake.

The deck areas around the pool are being back-filled with gravel and formed for new concrete decking to be poured.

Steps leading from the west pool deck to the Mechanical Room are going to be formed and poured as will the steps from the north deck leading to the south patio area of the clubhouse.

After all the remaining work is completed and the final grading takes place around the all areas of the pool then the new fence can be installed. The fence will be six feet high and will be a black wrought iron design.

The driveway on the east side of the pool will be resurfaced once construction is complete. The City of Carmel now requires that a new concrete apron and curb be installed from the sidewalk to the street.

When the final grading is completed, the area surrounding the pool will be prepped for the winter. The ground needs to settle over the winter before any landscape plants can be planted.

There have been several unexpected expenses along the way. These expenses are being paid for from Reserve Funds.

  • removal of an area of unsuitable soil found while demolition was taking place. This resulted in approximately 12 tri-axle loads of soil having to be hauled away and the same number of loads of gravel being hauled in.

  • after excavation around the Mechanical Room, the corners of the structure were reinforced and the building was found to be structurally sound.

With any construction project, delays have occurred and rain has been a big source of our delays; which no one has control over. The excavating and concrete cannot be worked on in these wet conditions.

The construction teams working on the Woodland Springs pool project have been top notch. The project manager has worked tirelessly to see that the project is being done correctly.

The homeowners of Woodland Springs have been extremely patient during the construction project.  The initial timeline was, unfortunately, not very realistic due primarily to weather delays.  As mentioned above, delays have happened, but the project is nearing the home stretch. Please continue to check the website for updates.

Thank you,

Woodland Springs Board of Directors:
Elizabeth Thorpe, President Carl Sampson - Vice President

Joshua Coulter, Secretary Natalie Mabbitt, Treasurer

Jeffrey Miller, Board Member Michael Burton, Board Member

Jack Hogan, Board Member Carrie Moss, Board Member

Julie Burnell-Vairo, Board Member

Pouring the wading pool floor - September, 2018

Pouring the wading pool floor - September, 2018

Finishing the pouring of the Mechanical Room Retaining Walls September, 2018

Finishing the pouring of the Mechanical Room Retaining Walls September, 2018

Newly Painted interior walls and ceiling (white) of pool mechanical room - September 2018

Newly Painted interior walls and ceiling (white) of pool mechanical room - September 2018