August - September Pool Update

August- September Update

Construction continues in spite of numerous weather delays. A stretch of No Rain for several weeks would be a very welcomed happening!!! Much of the remaining work is being hindered by the frequent rain storms. Some of the new decking was poured during the week of August 20 and the wading pool forms are being constructed. Work continues on the pool mechanical room: a new steel support beam for the roof is in place, the sidewalls have been reinforced and interior painting has begun. Installation of pool chemical equipment and new electrical service will begin shortly. Forms are being constructed for the new retaining walls on the north and south sides of the pool mechanical room. There’s a lot of work yet to be done once the pool is actually completed: testing, testing, testing; grading of the landscape, new blacktop in the lower drop off lot, installation of the perimeter fences, and other related construction details.

Once again, Thank You for your patience during the pool construction. Delays occur in every construction project whether a home remodel or a new construction. No one can control Mother Nature and this year she has been unrelenting in causing rain delays. “Good things come to those who wait.” Our new pool will be awesome!!!!