October 18, 2018 Update

Today, the new pool is being filled for its first testing which will take place next week. If the pool passes its first testing no further testing will be required. If there are a few adjustments that need to be made to the equipment, the pool will be drained and then refilled for a second test. After the construction work is completed, then the ancillary work will begin. Ancillary work that will be necessary to complete this season is:

  1. The 6’ perimeter fence surrounding the pool deck and fence around the wading pool.

  2. Blacktopping the horseshoe driveway at the east entrance to the pool and installing new concrete approaches to both horseshoe entrances (required by the City of Carmel).

  3. Overseeding/straw mulching the landscape area surrounding the pool. Due to the soil needing to “settle” over the winter, no landscape plantings will be done this year.

  4. Pool will be inspected by the Hamilton County Board of Health and other agencies if necessary. Otherwise, the health inspection(s) will take place prior to the pool opening in 2019.

  5. Finally, winterizing the new pool for the winter months. Water level will be reduced to about half depth.

The Board of Directors again thanks the homeowners of Woodland Springs for their patience and understanding during the process of building a new pool. It is never easy to wait for a major construction project to be completed, but the project is nearing completion. Delays, both weather and construction related happened.

Thank you one and all.

Beginning of 1st filling of the Woodland Springs Pool 10/18/2018

Beginning of 1st filling of the Woodland Springs Pool 10/18/2018