October 18, 2018 Update

Today, the new pool is being filled for its first testing which will take place next week. If the pool passes its first testing no further testing will be required. If there are a few adjustments that need to be made to the equipment, the pool will be drained and then refilled for a second test. After the construction work is completed, then the ancillary work will begin. Ancillary work that will be necessary to complete this season is:

  1. The 6’ perimeter fence surrounding the pool deck and fence around the wading pool.

  2. Blacktopping the horseshoe driveway at the east entrance to the pool and installing new concrete approaches to both horseshoe entrances (required by the City of Carmel).

  3. Overseeding/straw mulching the landscape area surrounding the pool. Due to the soil needing to “settle” over the winter, no landscape plantings will be done this year.

  4. Pool will be inspected by the Hamilton County Board of Health and other agencies if necessary. Otherwise, the health inspection(s) will take place prior to the pool opening in 2019.

  5. Finally, winterizing the new pool for the winter months. Water level will be reduced to about half depth.

The Board of Directors again thanks the homeowners of Woodland Springs for their patience and understanding during the process of building a new pool. It is never easy to wait for a major construction project to be completed, but the project is nearing completion. Delays, both weather and construction related happened.

Thank you one and all.

Beginning of 1st filling of the Woodland Springs Pool 10/18/2018

Beginning of 1st filling of the Woodland Springs Pool 10/18/2018

Pool has been painted!!!

October 2, 2018

The main pool painting has been completed!!!! Waiting for the curing process to be completed. The wading pool will be receiving additional painting as soon as possible.

Work continues on the pool deck, steps on the west side will be poured as will the steps leading to the clubhouse.

Rain, rain go away so that this pool project can be completed!!!

Main Pool painting is completed!!!!
Wading Pool awaiting more painting. . .

Wading Pool awaiting more painting. . .

Surface drainage being installed outside of restrooms

Surface drainage being installed outside of restrooms

Main pool . . .

Main pool . . .



Pool Construction Update - September 21, 2018

Progress continues to be made on the new pool construction project.

The new steel I-Beam has been installed in the Mechanical Room,

which was necessary to reinforce the ceiling structure of

this building.

The Mechanical Room walls and ceiling have been painted.

The balance of the pool piping and mechanical equipment such

as filters, pumps and heater are being installed.

There will be a new five-foot concrete apron approach poured

in front of the mechanical room.

The old failing retaining walls on either side of the mechanical room have

been replaced with new poured concrete walls. The remaining upper portion of

the exterior of the mechanical room has been sealed to prevent water leakage.

There is also new drainage tile around the building.

The wading pool has been poured with new concrete and now must go through

a “curing” process before it can be painted.

The main pool will be painted in the very near future, weather permitting, as the

concrete must be at its recommended moisture level and once painted must cure

for minimum of at least 7 days.

The excavating company is installing the sewer pipe which will take the chemical

backwash from the Mechanical Room to the Sanitary Sewer located on East Lakeshore Drive.

The drainage pipe located near the boat storage area is solely for surface water

from for the deck drains, clubhouse downspouts and perimeter drainage. The

drainage pipe was approved by the City of Carmel to flow into the lake.

The deck areas around the pool are being back-filled with gravel and formed for new concrete decking to be poured.

Steps leading from the west pool deck to the Mechanical Room are going to be formed and poured as will the steps from the north deck leading to the south patio area of the clubhouse.

After all the remaining work is completed and the final grading takes place around the all areas of the pool then the new fence can be installed. The fence will be six feet high and will be a black wrought iron design.

The driveway on the east side of the pool will be resurfaced once construction is complete. The City of Carmel now requires that a new concrete apron and curb be installed from the sidewalk to the street.

When the final grading is completed, the area surrounding the pool will be prepped for the winter. The ground needs to settle over the winter before any landscape plants can be planted.

There have been several unexpected expenses along the way. These expenses are being paid for from Reserve Funds.

  • removal of an area of unsuitable soil found while demolition was taking place. This resulted in approximately 12 tri-axle loads of soil having to be hauled away and the same number of loads of gravel being hauled in.

  • after excavation around the Mechanical Room, the corners of the structure were reinforced and the building was found to be structurally sound.

With any construction project, delays have occurred and rain has been a big source of our delays; which no one has control over. The excavating and concrete cannot be worked on in these wet conditions.

The construction teams working on the Woodland Springs pool project have been top notch. The project manager has worked tirelessly to see that the project is being done correctly.

The homeowners of Woodland Springs have been extremely patient during the construction project.  The initial timeline was, unfortunately, not very realistic due primarily to weather delays.  As mentioned above, delays have happened, but the project is nearing the home stretch. Please continue to check the website for updates.

Thank you,

Woodland Springs Board of Directors:
Elizabeth Thorpe, President Carl Sampson - Vice President

Joshua Coulter, Secretary Natalie Mabbitt, Treasurer

Jeffrey Miller, Board Member Michael Burton, Board Member

Jack Hogan, Board Member Carrie Moss, Board Member

Julie Burnell-Vairo, Board Member

Pouring the wading pool floor - September, 2018

Pouring the wading pool floor - September, 2018

Finishing the pouring of the Mechanical Room Retaining Walls September, 2018

Finishing the pouring of the Mechanical Room Retaining Walls September, 2018

Newly Painted interior walls and ceiling (white) of pool mechanical room - September 2018

Newly Painted interior walls and ceiling (white) of pool mechanical room - September 2018

August - September Pool Update

August- September Update

Construction continues in spite of numerous weather delays. A stretch of No Rain for several weeks would be a very welcomed happening!!! Much of the remaining work is being hindered by the frequent rain storms. Some of the new decking was poured during the week of August 20 and the wading pool forms are being constructed. Work continues on the pool mechanical room: a new steel support beam for the roof is in place, the sidewalls have been reinforced and interior painting has begun. Installation of pool chemical equipment and new electrical service will begin shortly. Forms are being constructed for the new retaining walls on the north and south sides of the pool mechanical room. There’s a lot of work yet to be done once the pool is actually completed: testing, testing, testing; grading of the landscape, new blacktop in the lower drop off lot, installation of the perimeter fences, and other related construction details.

Once again, Thank You for your patience during the pool construction. Delays occur in every construction project whether a home remodel or a new construction. No one can control Mother Nature and this year she has been unrelenting in causing rain delays. “Good things come to those who wait.” Our new pool will be awesome!!!!

Pool Opening -

Pool Opening Update - Delay

The Board of Directors regrets that due to several unforeseen but necessary renovations to the mechanical room the completion date for the Woodland Springs Pool will not be until at least September 1.   That being said, it is still anticipated that the pool will be available for use even for a short time this year.  

The Island Party on August 18 will once again be the End of Summer Island Party.

The Pool Grand Opening Celebration will be postponed to a later date.  

July 1 Pool Update and message . . .

The pool project is on schedule. The next weeks will see a flourish of activity as the stainless steel guttering will be welded onsite, the pool chemical room exterior walls and top will be covered with a water barrier membrane, new concrete poured on the top and then the sidewalls will be backfilled with crushed stone. Inside the chemical room much needed electrical replacement will be taking place as well as installation of piping, etc to service the pool. Once the chemical room exterior is completed and the retaining wall built between the new deck area and the clubhouse patio area, R L Turner, general contractor along with Spear Corporation will have excavation done for the Wading Pool. It will be poured and then the pool deck surface will be installed. The new pool is 3700 sq ft vs the old pool which was 3400 sq ft. Even though to many of you it looks small, it is 300 sq ft larger!!! The weather will be a huge factor in the month of July because the pool walls cannot be painted unless the concrete tests below the recommended moisture level for good adhesion. Then the paint has to "cure" for so many days before the pool can be test filled with water to check all connections, etc for leaks. Hopefully, it will pass with flying colors on the first pool fill. When you see the pool full of water, this does not mean it is ready to open. Inspections, inspections, inspections will have to take place before we are approved by the Board of Health. YOU CAN HELP . . .the pool furniture which is currently stored near the tennis courts will need to get cleaned and moved to the pool deck area. Anyone willing to volunteer some time, muscle and energy to help clean and move furniture to get the pool set up for Opening Day? If so, just email the Board of Directors at woodlandsprings3535@gmail to volunteer. It is going to take your help to get the pool open so all can enjoy when opening day arrives. Open Day is yet to be determined due to the uncertainty of July weather. We want the paint to be applied at the right time, the pool filled only after the paint has properly cured, etc., etc., etc. Why, because the job has to be done right so that it is trouble free for many, many, many years to come. We are hoping to host a Grand Opening Celebration in conjunction with the Island Party which is scheduled on Saturday, August 18. If the pool is ready before then, by all means it will be open for business. We need some volunteers to help with the Grand Opening Celebration, if interested send an email to the above mentioned address.

Each homeowner will be issued a "key fob" which will give you entrance to the pool. However, there are conditions which will lock some people out - and that is arrearage of your annual assessment. If you are making semi-annual payments and are current you will receive a key fob, but if you are delinquent you will not receive a key fob. That's the rules of the Woodland Springs, Inc. So, if you are in arrearage and want to use the pool and the other amenities of our Common Areas, please get current with you annual assessment. If you need assistance, contact Joe Winship at Kirkpatrick Management to set up payment plans.

The Board of Directors appreciates the homeowners of Woodland Springs and know that each of you is anxious for the new pool to be complete. It's been a long time in coming and we are grateful to each of you for the trust and confidence you have placed in us to make conscientious decisions for our community. We know that not all agree with the new pool, but the majority of you voted for it along with the design last year. The Board honored your input in planning the new pool. It is not solely "the boards pool design but the Woodland Springs community pool design." The Board, as you well know, are all homeowners like you. It is a volunteer board and each board member takes their position with utmost responsibility. Woodland Springs isn't just a Board of Directors, but it is a community of homeowners working together to make our community a great place to live. Let's begin now to rekindle the volunteer spirit that was once a vital part of this community. There are many needs, but few people willing to step up and lend a helping hand. Yes, we have a management company that oversees a lot of the maintenance, etc, but it still takes the involvement of homeowners to make a community a strong and lasting one.

Volunteering in your own community can be thankless, but it can also be the most rewarding experience you'll ever have. Seeing the smile of a child's face at a Halloween Party, sipping wine and nibbling on cheese at the Wine and Cheese social, making new friends with the Woodland Springers, assisting with the Woodland Springs Swim Team,  getting wet and dirty cleaning out debris from the lake, picking up trash as you walk your dog, this is what volunteering is all about. . .helping to  make Woodland Springs a better place for each and every resident young or not so young to live and enjoy.

So, Woodland Spring, are you ready for the challenge? ? ? ? ?

Thanks for allowing me to ramble a bit on a very hot and humid summer afternoon. Oh, I wish the pool were open, don't you!!!!

Elizabeth Thorpe President

Contract for new pool has been signed!!!

After weeks of  contract negotiations  between R L Turner Construction and Woodland Springs, Inc a binding contract agreement was signed on March 15, 2018.  With the signing of the contract, R L Turner may now apply for the required building permits.  Once these permits are granted then on site preparation work can begin.  The first thing you'll notice will be the erection of a 6 ft chain link construction fence.  Then machinery will arrive, site preparation will begin and demolition of the old pool will take place.  More details will be sent to each homeowner in the April 1 mailing from Kirkpatrick Management with you annual assessment statement.  Look for the mailing and if you don't receive an envelope in the mail by April 6, please contactl Kirkpatrick Management Company or email the Board of Directors using the form found on this website.


Woodland Springs Board Accepts Bid for new pool

After several additional information requests by the City of Carmel and the State of Indiana, the new pool design was approved.  Aquatic & Recreation Design released the Woodland Springs Pool Project on January 15, 2018 at the Reprographix.com website for contractors to review and bid.  February 15th was the deadline for submission of sealed private* bids. After a thoroughly review of all bids by Aquatic & Recreation Design and Woodland Springs, Inc Board of Directors a contract was awarded.  A Letter to Proceed was issued to the contractor awarded the bid.    The next step is to have a contract developed and signed upon by both the contractor and the Board of Directors. 

*(Private bids are different than public bids which many are familiar.  Woodland Springs is not a government agency, thus the reason our bids were classified as "Private" and the reason the bid amount is not disclosed until a contract is executed between the construction firm and Woodland Springs, Inc.)

As a timeline is developed by the contractor, the board will post updates on the website.  It is hoped, but not guaranteed that the new pool will be completed by August 1, 2018.  There are varying circumstances which will determine the completion date.  Weather, of course, is one of the major factors influencing the construction progress or delays.

The Board is most appreciative of the work which the Pool Advisory Committee has done to help define the type of pool which the majority of Woodland Springs homeowners requested.  These include an “8 ft deep end” as well as a dedicated lap lane for lap swimming during pool hours.  The concrete decking will be enlarged for more seating and lounging areas.  The pool Is being built to provide many, many years of enjoyment by all who live In Woodland Springs neighborhood.  

The Woodland Springs Board of Directors along with members of PAC (Pool Advisory Committee) are researching pool options for homeowners to use while our community pool is under construction.  All further updates will be posted to this website as more information becomes available.  

Landscape Removed from Pool Exterior

Maybe you noticed some activity around the exterior of the Woodland Springs pool last week.  Ergon Landscaping began the process of removing the old plantings in preparation for the construction of the new pool.  Watch for construction fences to be erected in early 2018 as we near demolition time for the old pool.  When construction begins, please remember that homeowners should direct questions and/or concerns to the Woodland Springs, Inc Board of Directors and not to the construction workers.