What is the purpose of an Advisory Committee for Woodland Springs, Inc? The advisory committee(s) is a volunteer group formed to give advice and support to the board of directors and/or the property manager. The advisory committee members do not have formal legal responsibilities or decision-making authority and can’t issue directives that must be followed by the homeowners of Woodland Springs. The advisory committee makes recommendations and provides information and materials to the board of directors. The advisory committee’s tasks and powers are delegated by and subject to the direction of the board of directors.

Each director of Woodland Springs, Inc is responsible for a specific area of the association. The director needs the advice and recommendations of the advisory committee and homeowners to better carry out the duties and responsibilities of his/her area of oversight.

The following are areas which have advisory committees. The board member in charge of the advisory committee is listed next to the area of responsibility.:

Clubhouse - Board Member: Julie Vairo

Lake - Board Members: Michael Burton and Kevin Graham

Landscape/Grounds - Board Members: Carl Sampson and Dan Weingart

Pool - Board Members: Carrie Moss and Jack Hogan

Social and Community Events - Board Member: Julie Vairo

If you are interested in being a member of an advisory committee please fill out the Volunteer Interest Form found in the button tab to the right. Please indicate which committee you would like to be a member of.

Thank you. Woodland Springs, Inc Board of Directors